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How Smart Tax 360 Works

Smart Tax recognizes that attracting refund checks to your location will increase your revenue.

We also know the inherent issues involving providing tax preparation services at your location-set-up costs, liability concerns, training staff, etc. That is why we’ve developed the Smart Tax 360 program.

When a customer comes to your office for tax preparation services, your cashiers scan the customer's documents and obtain the customer's signature using a simple web camera and signature pad. Smart Tax takes it from there.

A seasoned tax preparer will then prepare the return, call the customer, arrange for payment and send the customer a copy of his/her return via either e-mail or USPS. Smart Tax assumes all tax preparation liability. When the IRS releases the refund, it is printed at your location by you-allowing you to offer the customer YOUR check cashing service.

Revenue WITHOUT the headache

Smart Tax will assume ALL tax preparation liability and ongoing customer support. There are no startup or ongoing fees, and Smart Tax will share the tax preparation revenue.

If you would like to learn more about how Smart Tax can provide your office with tax preparation services, contact Nick Rizzi at 1-800-991-0908.

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